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Custom Outdoor Kitchens Florida. We are Florida's #1 Custom Design Barbecue, Fireplace, Fire Pit & Kitchen System

Rest assured whichever outdoor kitchen or fireplace you go with all of our setups come with a lifetime warranty.  The Bomb Shelter Kitchen System by RJ Staab Stone Company is the ultimate in custom outdoor kitchens Florida home design.  

We offer a wide range of custom outdoor kitchens Florida Room Fire Pits & Barbecue grills, Smokers, Refrigerators and Ovens.

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If you're not living outdoors, you're not living right.

The Bomb Shelter Outdoor Kitchen System, by RJ Staab Stone Company, is a system of interlocking concrete panels that are assembled to build a powerful foundation. This new system does away with the inferior weatherability of traditional steel stud and cement-board methods of construction. It also brings with it a lifetime warranty for the structure itself. The exterior may be finished with any material, similar to other methods of concrete construction. The difference is that The Bomb Shelter Kitchen will never rot, rust, or catch on fire! We also manufacture all types of commercial and residential stone veneers, precast concrete items, and concrete countertops. 

The original intent for inventing The Bomb Shelter system was to speed up the installation process of the kitchen’s base structure. Being in the precast business, it only makes sense to use the material we already have on hand. As a result, RJ Staab Stone Company developed the industry’s first and only prefabricated interlocking solid concrete base system.

Rj Staab Stone Company is also a dealer of quality outdoor appliances, doors, drawers, and other accessories. Together, the Bomb Shelter Outdoor Kitchen System can provide you with an outdoor kitchen that is not only beautiful but undeniably the industry’s most indestructible.

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Why You Should Hire Us

All of our Bomb Shelter Kitchens are designed to your specifications and features the highest quality stone products.  We provide solutions of apartment complexes, restaurants, and even storefronts.

Concrete Counter-tops

Our custom concrete counter-tops are handcrafted and available in a wide variety of styles to compliment your outdoor kitchen design.


The Bomb Shelter Outdoor Kitchen™ will never deteriorate, never catch on fire, and moisture resistant. We are the only company that uses an interlocking panel system.


The Bomb Shelter™ Outdoor Kitchen is the only GREEN kitchen produced in the United States. It is completely constructed out of concrete materials.


Unlike other outdoor kitchen systems that are constructed out of inferior steel stud, wood, and cement board base, The Bomb Shelter™ Outdoor Kitchen is composed of solid concrete. These prefabricated panels will NEVER deteriorate!

Some of our work examples

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Custom Residential Outdoor Full Kitchens

Outfit your custom outdoor kitchen system with our state of the art and professional line of outdoor equipment.  We offer some the finest and trusted name brands for outdoor appliances. They are built to last and master crafted with the strongest materials available.

Commercial Outdoor Kitchens & Fire Pits

All of our Bomb Shelter Kitchens are designed to your specifications and features the highest quality stone products.  We provide solutions of apartment complexes, restaurants, and even storefronts.

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Custom outdoor kitchen

The Bomb Shelter Fire Place

When summer slowly turns to fall here in Florida our minds turn toward enjoying our outdoor space more,and not just in the evenings.Fall brings cooler temperatures and we find ourselves spending more time on the weekends and afternoons outside.

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We have satisfied clients all over the USA

Here is What Our Yelp Customers have to Say about our Backyard Kitchens

I had the pleasure of working with RJ Staab a few months back and could not be more satisfied. I was assured that I would have the outdoor kitchen that I always dreamed of, and they delivered. Throughout the entirety of the project, Ron and Diana were a pleasure to work with. They were very honest, responsive, and punctual. They did a great job keeping it inside my budget without sacrificing the appearance one bit. It’s not often a great price meets great quality, but that is definitely the case here. Great company, great people. We will definitely be using RJ Staab again.


Dylan Zeenberg

RJ Staab was great to work with. From initial design to completion of installation, Ron and Diana were upfront, honest and responsive. We now have an outdoor BBQ that is the focal point of our backyard, looks great and will last as long as the house with no worries about wind or rain due to the solid construction. The cost is completely worth the piece of mind knowing that we won’t have to continually repair or eventually replace a typical outdoor BBQ due to materials degrading in the elements. RJ Staab has our highest recommendation! If you want a quality, long-lasting outdoor BBQ, RJ Staab is the only way to go!!!

Gary Connors

I worked for a year as a designer and it gave me an opportunity to learn and work while accommodating my college schedule. It was an amazing experience seeing the designs coming to life and I would recommend it to anyone that is intrested in design for manufacturing.


Prince Abdingo

Love our outdoor kitchen! Ron was so professional from start to finish and he gave us a great price. Highly recommend!

Tracy Giordano

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