Custom Outdoor Kitchen Florida

Special Features

Your Dreams come true with our Experience and Skillful Workmanship!

Why You Should Hire Us

All of our Bomb Shelter Kitchens are designed to your specifications and features the highest quality stone products.  We provide solutions of apartment complexes, restaurants, and even storefronts.

Concrete Counter-tops

Our custom concrete counter-tops are handcrafted and available in a wide variety of styles to compliment your outdoor kitchen design.


The Bomb Shelter Outdoor Kitchen™ will never deteriorate, never catch on fire, and moisture resistant. We are the only company that uses an interlocking panel system.


The Bomb Shelter™ Outdoor Kitchen is the only GREEN kitchen produced in the United States. It is completely constructed out of concrete materials.


Unlike other outdoor kitchen systems that are constructed out of inferior steel stud, wood, and cement board base, The Bomb Shelter™ Outdoor Kitchen is composed of solid concrete. These prefabricated panels will NEVER deteriorate!

Engineered and rated to withstand Hurricane winds up to 144 miles per hour