Custom Outdoor Kitchen Florida

The Bomb Shelter Services

If you’re not living outdoors,  you’re not living right.”

Upgrade Your Custom Outdoor Kitchen with Premium Outdoor Equipment

Outfit your custom outdoor kitchen system with our state of the art and professional line of outdoor equipment.  We offer some the finest and trusted name brands for outdoor appliances. They are built to last and master crafted with the strongest materials available.

Commercial and Multi-Unit Dwellings

All of our Bomb Shelter Kitchens are designed to your specifications and features the highest quality stone products.  We provide solutions of apartment complexes, restaurants, and even storefronts.

The Bomb Shelter Fire Place

When summer slowly turns to fall here in Florida our minds turn towards enjoying our outdoor space more, and not just in the evenings. Fall brings cooler temperatures and we find ourselves spending more time on the weekends and afternoons outside.

Why should you choose us

We Design For You

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Modern Layouts

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Team of Specialists

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